Queering the Climate Conversation – reimagining ecology

Join the co-founders of the global Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA), Dr Alison Whybrow, Dr Josie McLean and Eve Turner together with Dr Stephan Dahl to discuss how coaching is evolving within the context of large social and environmental issues we are confronting. You will hear how the CCA is developing – it is now over 1000 members in just 15 months of existence. Further, we will share what the CCA community is learning about how to raise awareness about these confronting issues (climate and environment) without closing the conversation down. Eve, Alison, Stephan and Josie will also share some of the major themes that emerged out of the CCA’s 3rd 24-hour global conversation, “What’s mine to do?’ held on 4 March 2021.

  • See and hear how the global community of coaches is shifting and what is happening in Germany

  • Gain a different perspective on the climate, ecological and social crisis

  • Learn about some specific approaches to apply directly into your coaching practice

  • Gain insights from the CCA festival of coaching in March 2021

  • Explore in relation to your own practice

Alison Whybrow, Eve Turner, Josie McLean


Stephan Dahl Stephan is a researcher with a focus on behavior change marketing, ethics and social change,

and the founder of an ecoproject based in Portugal. As a coach Stephan works mostly with LGBTQ+

individuals, organisations and social enterprises, and he is a trustee of two charities in this area. Stephan holds

a PhD in Cross-Cultural Psychology, and has published 10 books, including Marketing Ethics and Society,

Handbook of Marketing Ethics (both Sage) and Social Marketing (Pearson).

Alison Whybrow Alison is an experienced facilitator, coach, coach supervisor and consultant. As a Chartered,

Registered and Coaching Psychologist; she has spent 20 years focusing on building individual and

organizational capability. She works with organisations across a range of sectors and was deeply involved in

the early development of the coaching profession. Alison is an editor for peer reviewed coaching publications,

authors papers, chapters and books aligned to her work. Always learning, Alison describes herself as a

possiblist, seeing disruption as a catalyst for transformation and hopeful that a kinder human-earth story can


Josie McLean After an early career as a corporate strategic planner, Josie was one of the early pioneers of

professional coaching in Australia. In 2003 Josie was President of ICF Australasia and accepted the ICF

President’s award in 2009. Josie’s doctoral research into organizational sustainability, emergent change and

complexity was completed in 2017. She has co-founded two not for profit organizations in addition to the

Climate Coaching Alliance. Josie’s most recent book is Big Little Shifts: A practitioner’s guide to complexity for

organizational change and adaptation (2020). Josie is a constant learner, activist and provocateur at heart.

Eve Turner Eve is an award-winning coach, supervisor and writer who is a leading contributor to industry

research and actively engaged in pro bono work. Chair of one of the leading professional bodies, APECS (The

Association for Professional Coaching and Supervision), she co-founded the Climate Coaching Alliance and

founded and leads the Global Supervisors’ Network. Eve‘s writing includes chapters and two co-authored

publications: Turner, E. and Palmer, S. (2019) The Heart of Coaching Supervision – Working with Reflection

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What is (y)ours to do within the context of climate and ecological crisis?

and Self-Care and Hawkins, P. and Turner, E. (2020). Systemic Coaching – delivering value beyond the individual.

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