The Future Living - Employees as the Drivers of Sustainable Change

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly relevant topic for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, turning sustainability into action by optimising an organisation's impact on the environment and society often requires a huge transformation.

The Future Living Organisational Sustainability Research, created in cooperation with the HTW Berlin University of Applied Science, explores the motives of organisations to become ecologically sustainable and the role of employees in this process.

Based on the research findings and practical examples, we discuss whether employee driven change is the right approach for tackling climate change and how it can be instigated in an organisational setting.

Benefits for the participants:

  • Exclusive insights into The Future Living Organisational Sustainability Research

  • Learn about the motivation of organisations to become more sustainable

  • Understand the role employees have in an organisation’s transition towards sustainability

  • Explore how employees can drive the change necessary to tackle climate change

  • Discuss how principles of coaching can aid an employee driven process

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Charlotte Francke is COO at The Future Living, a start-up developing an employee driven change process for organisations to become more sustainable. She has many years of experience building start-ups and working in international NGO’s in Germany, Austria, South Africa and the UK. Her focus lies on sustainability, international development, new work and happiness research.

Carolin Fürst:

At my core, I‘m an ideas gal. Interdisciplinary, humorous, strategic, upfront. Jack of all trades, master of some. Former Political Scientist, Method Actor, Performer, Ghostwriter, Copywriter, Content Creator, Social Media Manager, Strategist. Still a Mover and a Shaker.

Sarah Hähnel:

I love facts, figures and graphs, so developing a structure and analyzing problems is my jam. As the lead of the Business Research Team, I could not be happier. I am a recent Economics graduate, with a background in research and scholarly work. Driven by the passion for sustainable economics and the belief in the power of people, I am happy to form part of the TFL team.