Making every conversation about climate change count – how coaching skills can supercharge climate action

Do coaches have a responsibility to the future as well as to the present? Can we play a role in changing the system, as well as to the individual or company with whom we work? 

Charly will show us how coaches can make a bigger impact without an aggressive agenda, and systems and individuals to change well.

Charly will share some of the Climate Change Coaches exciting methodology for catalysing climate action using coaching skills, and show us how we can all play a role of our choosing in the biggest issue of our time.

Charly is an upbeat speaker, who will inspire us with possibility, to bring resonance to a topic that all too often creates dissonance. She will show us how coaching may be the most important skillset of the new decade, as the world goes on the biggest change management journey ever created, to decarbonise our economies.

Benefits for the participants:

  • Be able to make a clear connection between coaching, behaviour change and issues like climate change

  • Practically understand which coaching skills are most useful when dealing with systemic issues

  • Feel empowered to stand in our coaching behaviours of non-judgment, compassion and acceptance and understand their role in reconnecting us in polarised, isolating times

  • Feel inspired and excited to do something beyond your usual remit as a coach

  • Feel empowered to be able to do something about climate change without being an environmental expert

Charly Cox Q.jpg


Charly Cox, PCC, is the Founder of the Climate Change Coaches, who show coaches how to use their skills to support people and systems to change, and who train leaders in coaching skills to empower and influence others.