Queering the Climate Conversation – reimagining ecology

This session is about how we can reimagine ecology and the LGBTQ+ community, through coaching and connecting. The session will build upon queer ecological movements and show how nature, biology and sexuality can be reimagined using queer theory and rejection of the binary.

The aim of the session is two-fold: present queer interpretations of the relationship with nature and work out how queer theory and practice can help inspire a different take on our relationship with nature

Benefits for the participants:

  • Awareness of queer contributions tot he climate debate

  • Insights into how queer communities relate to nature

  • Understanding the complex relationship between nature and queer communities

Stephan Dahl


“Sustainability and Business – what are we talking about?”

Panel discussion about the intersection of sustainability and business, what do we mean by this and how can our good intentions make good business sense. We are joined on the stage by business school academics who are discussing research and practice in this area - and why crossing all the pillars of sustainability is a good base for business - and needs the support from coaches. Thus, this discussion is setting the context for the day, shows the crucial roles that coaches can play in creating an environment where all aspects of sustainability make good business sense. 
Joining the panel are:
Prof. Steven G. Greenland, PhD (Asia-Pacific College of Business, Charles Darwin University)
Michael Odei Erdiaw-Kwasie, PhD (University of Southern Queensland)
Alexander Trautrims, PhD (Nottingham University Business School)
Nathalie Van Meurs, D.Phil. (Middlesex Business School)



"Was wir uns von Coaches wünschen – Unternehmer*innen und Entrepreneurs zum Thema wie Coaches sie dabei unterstützen, das Wirtschaftsleben zu transformieren.“

Panel Diskussion mit Initiator*innen bei dem Initiator:innen offen sagen, welche Bedürfnisse sie wirklich haben und inwiefern Coaching dabei helfen kann. Das Panel besteht aus Unternehmer*innen und Entrepreneurs die durch Coaches haben begleiten lassen, und nun reflektieren was gut war - und welche Aspekte, vor allem mit Nachsicht, auch noch ins Coaching gehört hätten. Spannende neue Perspektiven für Coaches!



Stephan Dahl is a board member of ICF Germany. He is also the founder of a community project that uses coaching methods to support and empower sustainability activism in the LGBTQ+ community and an academic focusing on researching sustainable and ethical business practices and their application to social enterprises and alternative community projects.