Team & Group Coaching with Social Impact

Coaches all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the social, environmental, and other issues, and are offering their services to support social impact. In this webinar we are going to explore how coaches can organize team and group coaching programs for social impact: their benefits, what factors we can consider, steps to take, how to assess the appropriate content and structure, and any challenges we might meet. We will also share the case of such a program. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to work on their own program in breakout rooms and leave with some actionable steps they can take. 

Benefits for the participants:

  • Indentify benefits of team and group coaching

  • Understand factors to consider for the structure and themes of such team and group coaching programs

  • Broaden their understanding of the clients‘ needs

  • How to contract / what to pay attention to during the agreement

Katerina Kanelidou Q.jpg


Katerina works with leaders and their teams supporting them to create high value workplaces and positive sustainable change even in the most adverse environment.
She is managing director of Six Steps Ahead, co-founder of Team Coaching Global Alliance and of CoachActivism, member of the HBR Advisory Council and of the Climate Coaching Alliance and faculty of the ICA.
She is also the co-leader of the ICF “Team and Group Coaching„ Community of Practice and was one of the Subject Matter Experts that worked for the ICF Team Coaching Competency Model.