Enabling the deeper conversations for these times – Discovering „What can I do?“

Do you find yourself looking at what’s going on in the world and asking “What can I do?”

Do you want an easy and consistent way to enable your coaching conversations to go deeper, inviting clients into a space where they can connect what’s going on deep inside them, with what’s happening socially and environmentally around them, and their values, legacy, purpose and fulfilment, so that they can energise and inspire themselves? But you may be worried about interfering with their agenda?

Neil’s Wheel is being described as a catalyst for deeper conversations. It’s simple, proven and free. Coaches and clients describe it as an enabler to the conversations they have always wanted. Used properly, it always respects the client’s agenda. It’s being used by business leaders, defence leaders, activists for social and environmental change, church leaders, teams, indiginous people’s and coaching supervisors - people of all colours, politics, faiths, ages, genders and more.

“The Wheel is an awareness creator and the best conversation starter I've found out there.”

Princeton Abaraoha, Executive Coach + Clergyman, Texas USA

Benefits for the participants

  • Effortlessly unlock conversations described as „Profound.“ „Spacious.“ and „Fabulously enlightening.“

  • Find your ‚piece of the puzzle‘ in responding to these times, and enable your client’s to find theirs

  • Enable clients to become more aligned, connected and ‚as one‘ with themselves, each other (if they are a team) and the world around them

  • Discover things about yourself and your coaching you never realised, and how they show up in your work and the world.

  • Connect quickly and deeply with others

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Neil Scotton supports people worldwide who are making good things happen. He is a past President of the ICF in the UK. He was nominated External Coaching/Mentoring Person of the Year in 2019 and recieved the Coaching at Work award for Climate Coaching in 2020. He is a quiet voice for change in the coaching profession.